10 Best Ways to Leave The Philippines to Travel and Live Abroad

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I’ve put up some articles regarding visa applications, immigration and even my personal experience about living and working in Singapore, which opened a floodgate of questions from readers about traveling and working abroad or practically leaving our home country (the Philippines) and how to start a new life overseas. I compiled a list of practical tips from myself, peers and colleagues which you can also explore and try. Checkout these best ways to leave the Philippines to travel and live abroad:

1. Become an International English Teacher

Our advantage as Filipinos of having English as our 2nd language and a primary medium in our curriculum also gives us an edge when looking for opportunities abroad. It’s natural for us to speak and write in English which is a highly sought skill in many countries in South America and South East Asia. They have high demands of English Teachers and the primary requirement is to get an English Teaching Certificate (TEFL) which you can get online. TEFL stands for Teaching of English as a Foreign Language which allows you to teach English in different countries in South East Asia and South America.

2. Work on a Cruise Ship

According to statistics, Filipino seafarers are among the preferred employees of big Cruise Liners around the world.  Just ensure that you are dealing with legitimate agencies where the world’s biggest cruise liners are hiring Filipino crews in various positions. Bartenders, chefs, waiters, entertainers, and dealers are among the popular job opportunities. Most of these agencies are located in Manila near Kalaw and Intramuros. To name a few, Magsaysay Maritime Corporation, NYK-Fil Ship Management, Inc. and BSM Crew Service Centre Philippines, Inc. 

The best part of working on a Cruise Ship is you get to travel for free to the world’s most luxurious destinations.

Best Ways to Leave the Philippines

10 Best Ways to Leave the Philippines – Photo of Joy Varias in Santorini

3. Work in the Middle East or Singapore

Once again, thanks to our high level of efficiency on speaking and writing English, Filipinos are mostly employable anywhere around the world. The largest concentration of Overseas Filipino Workers are in the Middle East and Singapore, simply because these places have the highest demands of employing foreigners. Our qualifications are highly competitive around the world.

I have written the perks of living in Singapore, check it out here.  Since OFWs are geographically located nearer to other countries we get to travel more often too.


Warning: If you will deal with an agency to look for a job overseas, please ensure that it is accredited by POEA before making any transaction with them.

4. Migrate to Canada (Or Australia)

If you missed my article on how I got my Canadian Permanent Residency, check it out here. Australia is open for migration too! Primarily for experienced professionals such us Nurses, IT professionals, Accountants and Engineers.

You can contact RPS Migration Services for FREE consultation.

Best Ways to Leave the Philippines

10 Best Ways to Leave the Philippines – 12 Apostles, Australia

5. Get a Scholarship and Study in Australia or Europe.

If you have plans of pursuing your studies, you can also apply for a student visa to other countries (like Australia) where you can also work at the same time and earn decently to support your financial needs.  Many Filipinos are also using this approach as a stepping stone for finding a job and permanently moving to the land down under. Check out Australia Embassy for more details.

The European Union is also giving grants to qualified candidates and if the financial side is a challenge for you, many universities and organizations are offering scholarships to Filipinos.  Check out the link below:


6. Get an Online Job

If you haven’t heard of Upwork, you should start checking it out for online job opportunities. Projects can be big or small, which determines the pay you will receive for working on the project. Since you don’t need to physically be in an office, you can move abroad temporarily and just work from the comforts of your hostel bed/apartment, all you need is a reliable internet connection. If you get your deliverables on time and your clients are satisfied you can get more jobs and higher pay in the future.

If you don’t want to be employed, an Online Business is another option. Be it into stock trading, online selling or online teaching as long as it gives you flexibility and a decent pay, then you’re at the right track.

7. Seek an International Assignment

If you’re working in a multinational company, start looking for internal mobility or talk to your manager for possible assignments abroad. There’s no harm in trying and if you’re performing well in your current role, there’s a good chance that you can grab this opportunity.

8. Become a Volunteer in Another Country

If you have a soft heart in giving back to the community or you just want to find your purpose, this one is for you. Before you find a volunteering gig, you should have a reason, something that drives you. Whether it is because you want to change the world, you want to learn new skills or gain an experience, or you just want to save money while traveling, you need to find that reason because this is a life changing experience. You can ask your peers in the community for available opportunities or you can check out this list.

Ways to Leave The Philippines

10 Best Ways to Leave The Philippines – Bagan, Myanmar

9. Become a House Sitter

I’ve never done it but many digital nomads I personally know have done this practice of house-sitting or watching someone’s house while the owners are on vacation in exchange of free accommodation. But wait, you can also get paid by doing it.  It’s becoming a trend now! Check here how can you live abroad has a house-sitter.

10. Find a Partner Who Lives Abroad and Marry Him/Her

If none of the suggestions above will work for you and you’re single and ready to mingle, this is still a decent choice. There are plenty of dating sites (just google it) where you can meet a legitimate partner and start dating online. I personally know some people who did this, they found their perfect match, started dating and they are happy living with their partners now and living a life overseas.  Who knows? This could also be your ticket to see the world too!

10 Best Ways to Leave the Philippines – Ryazan of Everything Zany and her husband Steve.

Disclaimer: I published the same article in  another community Travel blog. All words and opinion in this article are my own.

Any other ways to leave the Philippines to travel and live abroad? Let us know in the comments section and we will add it in this article (as long as it is legal)! 🙂

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