5 Saving Tips for Your Travel Fund

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I’m getting regular questions from readers and friends on how I am able to travel frequently and how can I afford to do it. Though I’m earning a decent salary from my full time job, my ultimate priority is my family back in the Philippines, I support their needs and I make sure it’s not compromised just because I wanted to visit one place and go to an adventure. I also save for my future and I don’t disregard the need of having an emergency fund. Part of my monthly income is being spent on travel, yes it’s costly but sustaining this lifestyle is manageable and affordable if you’re willing to sacrifice some of your old habits. I myself gave up on these habits and I’m sharing it here. I made a list of saving tips for your travel fund.

I switched to a minimalist lifestyle just recently and that is a drastic change affecting not just my personal behavior but my spending habits as well. The last thing you want if you’re living a minimalist lifestyle is accumulate more stuff and with this, you’re not tempted to buy new things that eventually will just become a clutter in your space. You’re also evaluating things/possessions more deeply before buying it.

I will not ask you to do the same and live a minimalist lifestyle but I also started quitting some habits which I believe common to many of us.

1. Stop Drinking Designer Coffee

As a coffee lover this is a bit challenging for me. I love premium coffee and I don’t survive a day without having at least 2 cups of it. A cup of a venti latte in Starbucks Philippines is 150 Pesos, if you’re living in another country it’s even more expensive. Anyway, you don’t need to be a genius in Math to know how much you can save if you give up on this daily habit. Just to give an example, a month of having this drink could cost you 4,500 Pesos, that could buy you a one way plane ticket to Singapore or Bangkok. Thank you, instant coffee!


2. No More Clubbing on Weekends

Saving tips for your travel fund number two: you’ve been there and that’s good enough. Giving up on clubbing is like hitting two birds with one stone, you save money and you’ll have a good rest on weekend. Plus you can do so much more like going on a weekend trip somewhere which is more valuable than drowning with expensive booze and tiring yourself from dancing all night.

3. Skip the Restaurants and Prepare Your Food at Home

Everyone who’s on a diet and trying to lose some weight knows that a bowl of salad is more costly if you buy it from a restaurant. The markup is just too much for very cheap ingredients. Buying green leafy vegetables from the supermarket and making your own healthy meal at home saves you more money. Even for regular meals, it’s cheaper if you prepare your food at home than eating out daily when you’re at work. It just requires some patience and a bit of cooking skills.

4. Mix and Match (Stop Shopping for New Clothes)

When I started transitioning to a minimalist lifestyle, I gave away an unimaginable number of clothes. Some of the shirts cost a $100 or more each. Imagine a piece of shirt that I’m no longer wearing is already a night stay in some luxury resort in Siem Reap. You can also sell your old clothes and other things that you no longer needed, an addition in saving tips for your travel fund.


5. Stop Driving Your Own Car

Thanks to Uber and Grab and other ride sharing apps, we have options now if we’re not keen in taking public transportation. Driving your own car is often inconvenient and costly especially if you live in Metro Manila. But in Singapore, where there is a ¬†world-class public transportation system there’s almost no reason why you should drive your own car. There’s too much that you can save from gas, parking and maintenance.

Anything other saving tips for your travel fund that you want to add on this list? Leave your suggestions at the comments below.

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Saving Tips For Your Travel Fund

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