Hi! Welcome to The Rustic Nomad!

I’ve been traveling around the world since 2008 while keeping my full-time job as an IT professional with a multinational financial services holding company. I started blogging as a freelance writer with Two Monkeys Travel Group where I discovered the wonderful world of travel blogging. My first article, which is about Exploring Greece was featured in Visitgreece.gr blog, the official tourism web site for Greece.

I’m currently based in Singapore, a great travel hub and home for several budget airlines where I get to travel over the weekends around South-East Asia and satisfy my desire for travel. Also a good jump of point to travel far to other continents with many major airlines having flights coming from Singapore.

The possibilities are endless if you’re passionated to see beautiful places, experience diverse cultures and taste unique flavors. A lot of people are asking me how I manage to travel so much while keeping my full time job, there’s no secret to it, it is just all about planning and budgeting.

I’m always covered for peace of mind. Get your travel insurance, it’s a must.

I switched to a minimalist lifestyle, living with just one suitcase and a backpack. I gave away my stuff to deserving people and decided not to sell it, that’s how I let go of things that mattered to me. I stayed at hostels for 2 months while I traveled around to several countries. Currently, I’m enjoying the best of both worlds, having a decent permanent job and constantly traveling the world.

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