On April 1, 2017, I’m finally moving out from my rented condominium here in Singapore and after living here for 7 years, I’m going to start living a nomadic/minimalist lifestyle without quitting my full-time job. I already packed two luggages of old clothes which I’m shipping back to Manila to give away. That’s around hundred shirts, shorts, pants and pairs of shoes! I also have given some of my stuff to family and friends but I decided to give out some, including my GoPro Hero 3 to my readers and to fellow travel and outdoor enthusiasts.

GoPro Give Away

GoPro Hero 3 Give Away – Gonna miss my workstation and view.

Why am I giving away my stuff and not just sell it?

I always believe in the value of things I own even some of them have been with me for years. I probably could sell them for a minimal price which is less than its value for me. There’s some emotional attachment there, I wouldn’t deny it. I’m always happy giving out things to other people than sell it. Just like my old mobile phones which I never sold and just gave it to members of my family.

Here are the things I’m giving out:

1. Multipurpose Cable Clips and Portable Aqua Speaker (Unused)

GoPro Hero 3 Give Away

2. Travel Books – these books were given out by sponsors during my previous press trips.

GoPro Hero 3 Give Away

3. Hand Painting from my first trip in Yangon, Myanmar (never been displayed).

GoPro Hero 3 Give Away

GoPro Hero 3 Give Away

4. Self-help Books – these books helped me with my finances, personal relationships and marketing skills.

GoPro Hero 3 Give Away

GoPro Hero 3 Give Away

4. Amsterdam Starbucks Mug (Unused) – I collect some mugs from destinations I visited, this is an excess.

GoPro Hero 3 Give Away

5. GoPro Hero 3 Including Accessories – I got it just before the release of Hero 4 and has been my travel buddy for more than 30 countries. This is working fine with no issues. Accessories include the detachable LCD monitor and extra battery.

GoPro Hero 3 Give Away

GoPro Hero 3 Give Away

Here’s a sample shot from recent trip in Japan:

His and hers. 👫🏂 #snowboarding #galayuzawa #japan2017 #gopro #goprojapan

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Why am I giving away my Go Pro Hero 3?

I use my GoPro Hero 3 mostly for taking videos and for outdoor activities/sports. But recently I fell in love with the video quality of my iPhone 7 and mostly I pair it with my DJI Osmo Mobile plus I’m owning a DJI Mavic Pro drone now. I also have a mirrorless camera, so there, my GoPro Hero 3 is mostly just an excess baggage and I’m not having a chance to use it often recently. Most likely I will just get a new cheaper action camera or the latest GoPro available when I would need one.

I want to know why should I give you my stuff by writing at the comments sections of this article. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Like my Facebook Page: The Rustic Nomad and share this article.
  2. At the comments section below this article, tell me which item would you want and why I should give it to you. I’m sure most of you will aim for the GoPro Hero 3. I’m looking for the most unique and sincere answer, if you won’t get the GoPro Hero 3, I’ll give you the next item that you liked most. Please ensure your email address is correct as I will use this to communicate with you if you have won.

I’m traveling to the Philippines, China, Indonesia and Russia in the next two months. I will decide and contact the winner on first week of June. Shipping of items will be covered by me as well.

Happy writing and good luck.


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