It was my first ever trip in India and walking into this property is like walking inside a secret garden and everything else inside is a visual treat. Hotel Diggi Palace is situated at the tranquil side of the pink city of Jaipur surrounded by lush green scenery and colorful wildlife.


Jaipur, the Pink City in Rajasthan, India’s biggest state is a charming city with colorful structures, bustling bazaars and a picture perfect charm of a different world that I wasn’t familiar with. Hotel Diggi Palace sets ground on the perfect part of the city. Situated not far from the main attractions in its 18-acre cluster of Luxurious Havelis – a traditional mansion in India. It was built by Shri Thakur Saheb Pratap Singh Ji Diggi of the then ruling family of Diggi principality in 1860. The complex have spacious gardens which invites settings for weddings and other gatherings. Decorated with details of the past, this 150 year old property is surely a piece of luxury.

Hotel Diggi Palace

Hotel Diggi Palace – Heritage and Luxury in every detail


Very accommodating and friendly, the hospitality of the staff is at par with other popular tourist destinations in Asia. The staff took care of us like we are the welcomed guests of the Royal family who’s still living in the same complex. What I always look forward to when waking up in the morning and making rounds to any hotel I am staying are the smiles from its people, surely Hotel Diggi Palace didn’t disappoint and showed their smiles with their morning greetings.

Hotel Diggi Palace

Hotel Diggi Palace – Accommodating and helpful staff


Hotel Diggi Palace in its huge complex have 73 rooms in different categories; 30 Heritage Rooms, 31 Palace Suites and 12 Courtyard Suites. We stayed at one of the Palace Suites on the 2nd Floor of the mansion. The suite is huge, decorated fairly with furnitures with details of local artistry and equipped with usual amenities. The comfort room is massive! Bed is king size and comfortable and the air condition works perfectly. The weather in Jaipur when we visited was unforgivingly hot and humid, a perfectly working AC saves the day. We were fortunate to see some of the Courtyard Suites and everything inside screams luxury. It has more modern amenities than our Palace Suite which is expected since this is the highest room category.

Hotel Diggi Palace – Our heritage suite.

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Hotel Diggi Palace

Hotel Diggi Palace – A luxurious room.


I am not new when it comes to the distinct taste of Indian Cuisine since we have it widely available in Singapore. Our lunch at their in-house restaurant, The Baradari Mahal: Gourmet Restaurant was a glorious feast on my palate. They told us that some of the Diggi recipes have been handed down for generations. The Mutton Curry which is a famous Rajasthani dish didn’t disappoint us. I’m not a fan of mutton but I gave it a try since I’m in India. It doesn’t have that after taste that I normally noticed from mutton dishes that I’ve tried in Singapore so it became an instant favorite and we finished the entire bowl. The service at the restaurant is over the top and food is delicious.

Hotel Diggi Palace

Hotel Diggi Palace – Delicious food. 


The colorful atriums remind me of a setting of a Bollywood movie due to its colorful and traditional architecture. They have a functional swimming pool with a fountain on the middle. The hotel hosts events such as weddings, seminars and even festivals on their huge lawns and elegant halls. It’s like living on a fairy tale when your inside the lavish main hall.  With massive chandeliers hanging on the high ceilings with paintings and portraits of the members of the Royal family who used to live here.

Hotel Diggi Palace

Hotel Diggi Palace – Beautiful atriums

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Area Guide

The Hotel is located 12 kilometers from the airport, and just 5 kilometers from the railway station as well as from the bus stand. It’s located in a quiet road and secluded area which is just 1 kilometer away from the  most elegant Albert Hall Museum but the oldest museum in Rajasthan built on 1887. The main attractions inside the Pink city are just few minutes away.

Hotel Diggi Palace

Hotel Diggi Palace – Aerial view of the property.

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The Experience

Never in my life I’ve seen a property with such greenery with a living wildlife roaming around in it freely. There’s one morning that I was walking around the gardens taking pictures and suddenly a peacock flew over my head! Overall, we had a wonderful stay at Hotel Diggi Palace. If only management could look at upgrading some amenities like the swimming pool, it could compete with the rest of modern luxury hotels in Jaipur.

Hotel Diggi Palace

Hotel Diggi Palace – Covered with nature and surrounded by wildlife.

Disclaimer: This article is in partnership with Hotel Diggi Palace. The hotel sponsored our accommodation during our trip in Jaipur. 

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