Earning miles is not as difficult as you think it is. You don’t even need to be a frequent flyer of a particular airline in order for you to collect enough miles for a free flight to your chosen destination. In this article, I have some tips on how to earn miles from your credit card without spending more.

I’ve been a member of Singapore Airlines’ Krisflyer program and have been collecting mileage points since 2010. Since then, I managed to redeem several economy tickets, 1 business class and 1 suite class flight all using the miles I earned mostly from my credit card transactions. I’m also a member of Philippine Airlines’ Mabuhay Miles and redeemed several economy flights and few business class flights locally.

Flying With Singapore Airlines Suite Class

Flying With Singapore Airlines Suite Class – How To Earn Miles From Your Credit Card

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Using credit card to earn miles requires a lot of spending, but that doesn’t mean that all the money should come from your own pocket. From my experience as an avid collector of miles, I found ways to earn more credit card points that I can convert into miles without spending more. Here’s how to earn miles from your credit card:

1. Charge Your Needs Using Your Credit Card

From your groceries, gas to utilities, use your Credit Card and charge your basic needs. These are not extra expenses and would not pile up as a debt. While you are obliged to spend for your needs, you are also earning miles at the same time. You can also use your credit card to pay for your insurance premiums and travel expenses.

2. Allow Your Family or Friends to Ride-on Using Your Card

If you have friends or family members who wants to go on a shopping spree or just buy a new gadget and paying in cash, offer them to use your credit card instead. Some of them will give you the cash right away and others will wait for the due date, just ensure that you know the person who’s riding with your credit card very well and they are not spending beyond their means.

3. Pay Your Annual Fees

Many credit card companies offer miles in exchange of paying your annual fees. If you’re aiming to use your miles for First Class or Business Class tickets, paying the annual fees is just practical. The cost is still very minimal compared when buying miles from the airline.

Example: Krisflyer miles cost 100 Singapore Dollars per 1000 miles. That’s around $0.1 per mile. However, when you pay your annual fee of 290 Singapore Dollars, you will automatically receive 10,000 miles on your next billing cycle. That only costs $0.029 per mile.

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4. Always Pay With Your Card When Hanging Out With Friends

When eating out or drinking with friends, you can volunteer to pay using your card first and split the bill later on. Your friends will pay you in cash for their share and you’re able to get the miles. In Singapore, we use the DBS Paylah app which is like a mobile wallet to request money from individuals to split the bill.

5. Watch Out For Sign-up bonuses

Several credit cards offer sign up bonuses in form of free miles once you meet the first minimum amount spend. Take advantage of this, especially when you have planned expenses in the future.

6. Watch Out For Spending Promotions

Occasionally and most of the time during the holiday season, credit card companies have spending promotions that will give you more miles once you met the spending promotion criteria.

Example: From October-December, all expenses you made overseas will earn x5 miles. It’s perfect to plan your travel around these months in order to take advantage of the promotion.

What are the best credit cards for Collecting Miles?

In the Philippines :

RCBC Bankard Diamond Card Platinum MasterCard – Php50/mile

HSBC Platinum Visa Credit Card – Php25/mile

Standard Chartered Priority Banking Visa Infinite Card – Php40/mile

In Singapore :

DBS Altitude Visa Signature Card – 1.2 miles per $ spent locally

Citi PremierMiles Visa Signature Card – 1.2 miles per $ spent locally

American Express Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Credit Card – 1.1 miles per $ spent locally

**Each of the credit cards have their own promotions for sign up bonuses and overseas charges.

Anything to add on how to earn miles from your credit card? Please leave your suggestions at the comment box.

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