7 Interesting Facts About Maldives For First Timers

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Maldives has always been in the bucket list of beach lovers and honeymooners. I got a chance to visit Maldives few years back and I’m sharing you some interesting facts that I knew when I visited this blissful paradise. Here are the seven interesting facts about Maldives for first timers:

1. The Airport is on a Separate Island

Before visiting Maldives, I always thought that Brahim Nasir International Airport (now Velana International Airport) is in the same island as the capital Male. It’s close to Male but on a separate Island. You need to take a water taxi in order to reach the capital of this archipelago nation. Arriving at the airport gives a very good impression right away, the waters are crystal clear and makes you want to jump and swim rightaway.

7 Interesting Facts About Maldives For First Timers – At Atoll Dock of Velana International Airport

All connections to different atolls starts from here and to reach Male, you can take a boat taxi for US$1.5, take note of the schedule below:

Every 10 minutes from morning 06:00 AM to 02:30 AM
Every 30 minutes from morning 02:30 AM to 04:00 AM
Every 15 minutes from morning 04:00 AM to 06:00 AM

From Male, you can take ferries to different atolls and explore the rest of this blissful paradise.


2. The Island Capital Male Doesn’t Have a Natural Beach

Yes, you read that right. There’s no natural beach in Male but they made an artificial beach to compensate. Anyway, Male is not the place to enjoy that “Maldives feel” of being in the middle of nowhere.

6 Interesting Facts About Maldives For First Timers

7 Interesting Facts About Maldives For First Timers – Passing By Male

3. Maldives Sacrificed one Island to be a wasteland

Imagine how challenging for a nation composed with islands scattered through out to manage their waste. The solution they came up is to sacrifice Thilafushi – an island with a lagoon composed of shallow coral reefs into a wasteland. This is where they dump all the trash coming from different parts of the country.

6 Interesting Facts About Maldives For First Time Visitors

7 Interesting Facts About Maldives For First Timers – The Island Where We Stayed For 3 Nights

4. Transfers Are Not Included in Hotel Rates

Yes, you are staying in a luxury resort and paid a hefty price for the accommodation. In most places around the world, this comes with a complimentary return transfers from airport to the resort. In Maldives, you need to pay for this separately. The price starts at US$150 per person and it depends how far the resort is from the airport.

Checkout some deals below:


5. Seaplane is A Must in Some Islands.

If you think Maldives is a just a small country and everything around is conveniently reachable by speed boat, then you’re wrong. Some of the resorts require you to take a seaplane in order to reach their property, and this comes with an extra cost and not included in the hotel rates. Last time I checked, a round trip seaplane transfer costs US$400 for a 30 minute flight. This 30 minute seaplane ride is equivalent to 6 hours of being on a speed boat.

6 Interesting Facts About Maldives For First Timers

7 Interesting Facts About Maldives For First Timers – It’s Really A Paradise

6. It’s illegal to Bring Alcohol

If you’re thinking of saving some money by bring a bottle of booze from Duty Free then I suggest don’t take that risk. Maldives is a Muslim country and they are very strict with the entry of alcohols in the country. It will only be confiscated once you passed through customs.


7. The Waters of Maldives is A Protected Sanctuary

The waters of the Maldives are part of the International Whaling Commission’s Indian Ocean Sanctuary and have recorded 23 species of cetacean, which are protected under Maldivian law. The order Cetacea comprises wholly marine mammals and includes whales, dolphins and porpoises. Spinner dolphins are the most common in Maldives and they follow a distinctive daily pattern whereby they travel into the atoll in the morning to rest during the day and then travel back out of the atoll around sunset to hunt at night. Due to this, there’s a less chance that you won’t spot a dolphin when you go on a viewing tour during sunset. You will also see sharks and sting rays swimming near the shore, you don’t even need to enter the water or snorkel to spot them.

Maldives for First Timers

7 Interesting Facts About Maldives For First Timers – Dolphin Watching in Maldives

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