I have been to Japan twice in the past 4 years and have been issued single entry visas for my previous trips. Back then, there was no straight forward process for securing a multiple entry visa for Philippine passport holders. Generally, those granted with multiple entries were given one year multiple entry visa after providing more than one flight itinerary. This time, Japan Visa for Filipinos (with Philippine passport) process is easier.

Currently, they based the requirements from 3 categories; Previous Entry in Japan, Previously Visited one of the G7 countries in the past and Having a financial means to travel to Japan. Here are the requirements if you have visited Japan in the past:

1. Original Passport
2. Application Form
Recent color photo taken within 6 months (Passport Size or 2×2 is accepted)
4. Certification of Employment (Original). Check the sample letter here.
5. For Self-employed, a photocopy of the Business Registration Profile from ACRA.
6. A letter of explanation stating the reason of applying for the multiple visa.
7. Front and Back photocopy of IC issued by Singapore.
8. Schedule of stay (Daily Activities) (Original)
9. Income Tax Notice of Assessment (Photocopy)
10. Proof of Financial Capacity (Bank Statements)
11. Current or old passport that shows Japanese temporary visitor visa and entry stamp in the last three years. (Photocopy) 

Japan Visa for Filipinos

Japan Visa for Filipinos – Philosopher’s Path, Kyoto

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If you have visited any of the G7 countries (US, UK, Canada, Italy, Germany and France) previously, you only need to submit requirements listed from numbers 1 to 8 plus photocopies of your current or old passport that shows G7 countries’ (except Japan) temporary visitor visas as well as entry stamps in the last three years. No financial documents required!

If you never visited Japan or any of the G7 countries, just submit all the requirements excluding copies of previous visas which you never had. Remember that you should have sufficient financial capacity to travel to Japan.

Japan Visa for Filipinos

Japan Visa for Filipinos – Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo

Take note that flight itinerary and hotel bookings are not required when applying for a multiple-entry visa.

Japan Visa for Filipinos

Japan Visa for Filipinos – Shirakawa-go, Gifu

Japan embassy in Singapore doesn’t requirement appointment, you just have to be at their visa office from 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM. You need to get your queue number at the counter and wait for your turn. Upon submission of your requirements you will be given a collection slip. You can collect your passport from 1:30 PM – 4:00 PM after 5 business days. Take note that Japan Embassy doesn’t allow express visa processing. Fees will be collected upon submission of your application but for Philippine passport holders, it’s FREE!

In my case, I submitted my application on Tuesday because Monday was a public holiday in Japan. So I can only collect my passport on Monday. But I have a flight on Friday on the same week. No problem, just tell the case to the visa officer and you will be asked to fill up a return passport form. You can still collect your visa after 5 business days, just bring your passport again and wait for few minutes for them to put the sticker visa on your passport.

Japan Visa for Filipinos

Japan Visa for Filipinos – Snow Monkey Forest, Yamanouchi

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