Millennials Are Redefining the Essence of Traveling – You Just Have To Deal With It

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Millennials are redefining the essence of traveling and that’s the reality in today’s social media era. This article is in response to the hundreds of article from some seasoned travelers about how millennials are losing the real essence of travel. No fancy words, just straight forward thoughts about this issue.

First Point: Traveling For the Sake of Posting About it Online

We are now living in the era of Social Media where we connect to our family and friends through different social media platforms. If someone’s goal is to go to a place, take a selfie and post it in Instagram or blast his/her story about their amazing trip in their blog so others can see and read it, why would you see something wrong with that? If someone thinks that this is not the essence of travel then so be it. We shouldn’t be bothered by how others think about us. It’s about your happiness and feeling of fulfillment.

Essence of Traveling

Millennials Are Redefining the Essence of Traveling – Follow me shots and why not?

Second Point: Unhealthy Obsession About Traveling

Anything in excess is unhealthy. Doesn’t mean that it’s bad and you’re in downward spiral trouble. Be aware that you are obsessed in travel and if you acknowledge it you can start changing your lifestyle to give way to this obsession (which is not bad at all). I myself acknowledged this obsession and that helped me to become a better financial planner. I stayed away from buying unnecessary stuff, I stopped drinking designer coffees, I don’t go in mall sales. I learned how to budget my salaries better and I became more aware about my expenses. I learned that insurance is an asset. I valued time and relationship more than ever. I make sure that the time I spend in travel is as much time I spend with family and friends.

Essence of Traveling

Millennials Are Redefining the Essence of Traveling – Second home, Changi Airport.

Third Point: Traveling is Not Magic! It Wouldn’t Change Your Life!

Yes it’s not magic but it can certainly change your life. There could be different scenarios, either you find your lifetime partner, you realize that world isn’t that big, you have friends you haven’t just met and other tangible scenarios. Some people became professional bloggers, photographers or videographers because of traveling.

Essence of Traveling

Millennials Are Redefining the Essence of Traveling – My photography skills improved a lot because of traveling. That is life changing!

From my first trip abroad, that was in HongKong. I just want to go shopping, go to Disneyland and take pictures. But after that trip I realize there’s so much difference between Manila and HongKong and I craved to see more. Then I went to see Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. It’s just a day trip in Singapore and I went to the fountain of wealth and wished that someday I could live and work in this amazing city. I have been living now in Singapore for seven years, if that isn’t magic you can call it luck or destiny.

Why You Should Travel?

You know the answer.

Any thoughts about this issue? Please leave your comments below.

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Comments (7)

  • Ivan . April 22, 2017 . Reply

    Thumbs up for this article!

  • Jamie Christine Bertillo . April 22, 2017 . Reply

    Well said sir.
    I remember in 2016 there has been a related issue about this, though it was more on the mountain climbing sprees going on in the Philippines. I just believe, and it is apparent, that we are already living in a different time. This is an era of social media, advanced technology and too much noise around that sometimes we just want to be refreshed somewhere else once in a while, whether it is by mountain climbing, just like what I do, or going to the beach or any other place. Can’t we just be happy for other’s travel stories? Can’t we find inspiration in their posts, that maybe one day we’ll be there too?
    Thank you sir for this response. It is enlightenment to all, seasoned and millennial travelers.

  • faith . April 22, 2017 . Reply

    if you’re gonna travel just for the sake of posting about it online, you’re not a genuine traveler. if you’re doing something just for show, then that’s exactly it – it’s just for show. it’s not real. there’s no essence in it.

    sharing stories (online, in-person or in other ways) is the essence of socializing, NOT travelling. on the other hand, experiencing adventure, being in places you’ve never been before, those are some of the essence of travelling.

    • (Author) The Rustic Nomad . April 23, 2017 . Reply

      No one holds the title of a “genuine traveler”, unless there was a contest being ran and we’re not informed?

  • Gabby . April 23, 2017 . Reply

    the essence of travelling… what i know is… you need not say things if they are going to bruise someone else’s feelings. so u have found the essence of life… that is really great. but for those who are still searching it, no one should try and shrink their quest into something attention-seeking and pretentious.

  • stok3y . April 23, 2017 . Reply

    I agree with you Faith!!!👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    • Faith . April 27, 2017 . Reply

      thanks, stok3y. I’m glad someone understands. 🙂

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