Perks of Being Bumped Off From A Flight with Singapore Airlines

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Singapore Airlines being the 2nd best airline in the world according to Skytrax is best known for their unparalleled customer service. I’m not talking about just the in-flight service, but the same quality of service you get from the ground.

Bumping off passengers is a common practice of an airline. This happens when the flight is overbooked or during emergency situations. For many passengers, being bumped off is a huge inconvenience so airlines provide affected passengers compensation which is not limited to a guaranteed seat on the next flight. Recently, we found out what are the perks of being bumped off from a alight with my favorite airline, Singapore Airlines.

On her Facebook post, Donna May Philippo was traveling with her 2 kids from Singapore to Manila after spending their holidays in Singapore. However, to their dismay once they arrived at the airport for their 7pm flight (the last flight from Singapore to Manila), they found out that the flight is overbooked. The next available flight to Manila is on the next morning. This very unlucky situation turned around in favor of the passengers.

Perks of Being Bumped Off From A Singapore Airlines Flight

Perks of Being Bumped Off From A Flight With Singapore Airlines – Donna with her kids

Singapore Airlines going extra miles on customer service offered an arrangement with Donna’s family to compensate them for the delay. Here are the perks of being bumped off from a Singapore Airlines flight:

1. Guaranteed seats on the next flight.

2. Hotel Accommodation at Capri by Fraser or Crown Plaza Hotel. These are among the best hotels in Singapore.

3. Complimentary Meals (Buffet Dinner and Breakfast)

They opted to stay in Crown Plaza Hotel since this is conveniently located next to Changi Airport Terminal 3, Capri by Fraser is located in Changi Business Park which is one MRT station away from Changi Airport.

Perks of Being Bumped Off from a Flight with Singapore Airlines

Room at Crown Plaza Changi Airport (Photo from Crown Plaza Management)

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Though the inconvenience doesn’t stop on being bumped off from their flights. Niño will miss her business meetings and her daughter will miss her domestic flights the next day. Upon knowing of the situation, the management offered a compensation of 400 SGD to each of them. That’s 1,200 SGD (45,000 Pesos) in total. They humbly accepted the offer which sets off all their expenses from their trip in Singapore.

Perks of Being Bumped Off From A Flight with Singapore Airlines

Perks of Being Bumped Off From A Flight with Singapore Airlines

I don’t wish to get bumped off on my flight, that’s a huge inconvenience, but with perks and services like these? I would opt to be bumped off on every flight with Singapore Airlines.

What are your thoughts? Have you experienced being bumped off from a flight? Share us your story in the comments section.

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