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Welcome to The Rustic Nomad Adventure Travel Blog

My name is Jaypee, a Filipino outdoor enthusiast and travel blogger based in Canada.

I’ve been to 50 countries (still counting) and hundreds of destinations around the world.
The Rustic Nomad is all about my experiences, people’s stories, travel tips and the latest news in the growing travel community around the world.

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Cheapest Way to Fly to Japan

Japan is an expensive destination. The cost of living in its major cities are skyrocketing but it is still drawing tourists from around the world to experience its unique culture, unique landscapes, soothing hotsprings and fresh seafoods. Here's how you can find the...

Comfort Tips for Sleeping in a Tent

Is there anything better on the face of this glorious green planet than waking up in the woods after an amazing night camping? If there is I don’t know what! The early morning sunlight flickering through the leaves, the beautiful melodies of the birds singing and that...

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