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5 Creative Ways to Utilize Tarps on Your Next Camping Trip

Creative Ways to Utilize Tarps Camping Creative Ways to Utilize Tarps Camping
Camping is one of the best ways to disconnect and be up close with nature. However, being out in the wild can also mean being subjected to unpredictable weather conditions. One way to prepare for this is by bringing along tarps that can serve multiple purposes. Tarps are lightweight, easy to pack, and can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your camping experience. In this blog post, we will share 5 creative ways to utilize tarps on your next camping trip.

Protection from Rain and Sun

One of the most common uses of tarps when camping is to provide protection from rain and sun. They can be strung between trees or poles to create a canopy over your tent, cooking area or communal space. This will not only keep you and your gear dry in the rain but also keep you cool and shaded during hot sunny days.

Create Extra Living Space

When camping, there are times when you need additional space to cook, play games and socialize. Tarps can help extend the living area of your campsite by creating an extra room. By attaching one side of the tarp to your tent and the other side to a tree, you can create a covered area where you can spend time comfortably even when it is raining.

Build a DIY Shower

Taking a shower while camping can be challenging, especially if you are staying in a primitive site with no facilities. But with a tarp and a bit of creativity, you can create your version of a DIY shower. By hanging a tarp between two trees, you can create a privacy screen and use it as a backdrop to create a makeshift shower. Fill a solar shower bag with water, run a hose from it to a showerhead, and voila, you have a shower where you can wash off the sweat and dirt from a day of hiking.

Carrying Gear

Sometimes you may have gear or supplies that need to be moved around camp from one location to another. A tarp can be handy in this situation. Simply place the items on the center of the tarp and wrap the tarp around them, so all the edges are together and tied them off with cord. Then, gather the corners to create a handle and carry the load to where it needs to go.

Emergency Shelter

In case of an emergency, a tarp could potentially be a lifesaver. By combining your tarp with natural resources, you could create a makeshift shelter using trees, branches, rocks, and soil. If your tent fails, and you are unable to get to your car, a tarp can make all the difference concerning surviving a night in the great outdoors.


Tarps are versatile and multi-functional items that can add value and convenience to your camping experience. Above are just a few creative ways you can use a tarp while camping, but the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Whether you are looking to protect yourself from rain, set up an extra living area, or create a makeshift shower, tarps bring a world of possibilities when it comes to camping. Be sure to pack one or two for your next camping adventure.

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